General Information

    Our lab team is composed of undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, basic scientists, and medical doctors, all working on the Pharmacology and Lipidology of Metabolic Syndrome. In particular our activities focus on the understanding of the lipid and lipoprotein transport system in the development of conditions associated with the Syndrome, with particular emphasis on dyslipidemia, obesity, and diabetes.
    Using unique animal models and advanced methodologies including in vivo gene transfer techniques, we aim at unraveling the molecular pathways linking lipoprotein metabolism with these conditions. To this effect, the scientists of our team combine expertise from numerous biomedical disciplines. The ultimate aim of our studies is the translation of our basic science data into clinically applied knowledge. We expect that our studies will lead to the identification of novel compounds of pharmacological interest and the development of novel diagnostics to predict patient's risk for these conditions.

    For more detailes on our published work please refer to pubmed.

    Our laboratory is located at:

    University of Patras School of Health Sciences
    Department of Medicine
    Pharmacology Laboratory
    3rd floor of Preclinical Research Building
    Rio-Achaias, TK. 26500
    TEL: +302610997939


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    (Monday-Friday 10:00-17:00)

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